Feb 21, 2009

La parole en archipel [Char]

I listen to the song over and over again, feeling your presence that way. I almost cried when the movie ended, even if it was a happy ending, just because it was the ending. Now the song connects me to the world I have to cross each day - to go to school, to go grocery shopping, or even to go across the street to a friend's - humming it, I feel more alive. It's like with the white cloud trails that follow an airplane - with the music, I imagine that there must be someone - someone - humming it somewhere else, and feeling the same way I do. My fuschia-colored umbrella keeps me sheltered from the rain as I skip around and between puddles. I feel like reading every book, watching the movies I love, listening to all the song I find so pleasant. With the coming of Spring, I ask less questions - rather keep them to myself, and find out on my own. Yesterday, I finished L'Ecume des Jours by Vian, and I felt like dying with a water lily flower in my lung, so that I would see if you would really miss me. I want to see sunsets in tropical islands, eat ice cream, go elsewhere. Perhaps with you, perhaps not - it all depends on you now. The song sometimes materializes itself, and we chat like old friends. And yes, I do believe in happy endings, even though things never end.

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